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Always Rest Whenever You Can.

Since listening to an enchanting song named ‘Ten Laws’ by the inspiring East Forest, one particular lyric always comes to mind whenever I’m feeling burnt out, emotionally drained or just tired. The words ‘Always rest whenever you can’ are so simple, but carry with them an important reminder to listen to our bodies and take time out whenever we have an opportunity to. Because, in today’s busy world, sometimes those opportunities to rest can be few and far between, but it’s so crucial to rest to avoid creative burnout.

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If you haven’t heard the dulcet tones of East Forest before, be sure to click play on the video below and enjoy while you read through the rest of this post.

These past few months have been particularly big, exciting (and a tad scary for me!). As you know, is my passion project, a side-baby – a creative outlet. By trade I’m an Advisor to managers, where I help them lead people as best they can and keep a happy, high performing workforce. Recently, my long-time role for a big corporation was made redundant, and I was left with a lot of thinking to do and some life-changing decisions to make.

Who am I? Who do I want to be?

I found myself thinking: ‘Who am I? Who do I want to be?

I was faced with the sudden realisation that this redundancy was an opportunity for me to carve a new path out in my life – a path that I might not have otherwise seen if the change wasn’t thrust upon me, involuntarily. I had the opportunity to decide whether I wanted to take a pause from the workforce – up to twelve months off, to explore my passion for this online space and delve deeper into creating art and other beautiful things.

And if you are a creator or a blogger… you know that this is the holy grail! You hear the success stories all the time. Even bloggers who have successfully forged a path for themselves by blogging full-time are blogging about blogging full-time to all the other bloggers that are wanting to get there too. There’s a huge market for it – because it’s the dream of so many!

A new path presents itself
Not everyone pursues their creative passions full-time, however. Not everyone has to. Some creatives absolutely love the fulfilment of their 9-5 so much so they have to maintain both their creative side passion and their professional career. Sometimes, they burn themselves into the ground trying to do it all.

Although I know that one day I very well may be dedicating myself to CM+ full-time, I’m not quite ready yet. I still have so much to learn in respect to leadership, growth and personal development. For this reason, I’ve decided to continue enjoying both my career as an advisor and working on CM+ on the side. So much of my inspiration for what to create and what to write comes from the people that I work with and the stories that I hear in my profession.

Now, I promise that I’m slowly getting to the reason for the title of this post! The thought process alone when you are deciding which road you want to take in life can be incredibly difficult, and emotionally draining. By the time I’d decided I wasn’t quite ready to give up my

career as an advisor, I was already exhausted. Following this, the application process had to begin. I found a few roles where I thought I could apply my skills and strengths and add some real value, and began meticulously carving my applications.

I worked hard, and it payed off. I was offered a role for another large corporation as an advisor within two weeks of beginning to look for and apply for work, and before I even had finished up my current role! Yay!

But what’s this? Excitement!? … Another emotion to add to the mixing pot! I’d already been making life-changing decisions, combined with the stress of being made redundant, combined with the anticipation and stress of participating in recruitment processes. Alongside all of this my Etsy store ramped up it’s sales and I was managing logistics for overseas orders, all the while managing everything else.

I suppose you can see that complete and utter burnout would not be far off, if I kept going on this trajectory of change, excitement, and the accompanying adrenaline.

Time for a little rest

Since the changes, I’ve got a small window for some rest and rejuvenation between finishing my old job, and starting the new. It’s funny that as soon as I am given the opportunity for some rest and some downtime, I jump straight onto the PC to pull together a blog post, update my store, or tweak the design of my website.

Have I made the right decision by jumping straight back into another day-job? I guess I’ll never know what would happen if I decided to take a few more months off to focus on entrepreneurship. But, I do know how I feel, and the path that I’ve chosen feels fantastic. With this new professional opportunity comes the opportunity to explore and travel to parts of Australia I’ve never seen, which I’m sure will only manifest more inspiration for my night-time creative pursuits.

But for now – I’m going to focus on writing, painting, drinking lots of tea, doing lots of yoga, taking my dogs out for lots of long walks, with perhaps with a little bit of hiking and shopping thrown in. Because, now it’s time for me to rest.

Image credits: Sam Shin, Kalen Emsley & Nomao Saeki

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