Hello 2017! What to Expect From the Blog This Year (+ a Freebie!) | Corinne Melanie
In 2017, you can expect one informative and interesting (and long) post on art, creativity, design, slow living and stress reduction, each and every Sunday.
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Hello 2017! What to Expect From the Blog This Year (+ a Freebie!)

This year marks the beginning of an exciting new journey for corinnemelanie.com. I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle with, let’s call it, ‘Too-Many-Creative-Ideas-Syndrome”. Last year I had far too many different ideas, all vying for my attention and time. In 2017, I’ve decided to dedicate my time and energy 100% to corinnemelanie.com. Below I’ll share with you some new plans for the year, what my dedicated posting schedule will look like and a sneak peek into some of what to expect. It’s all very exciting, so get yourself into a comfy position with a cup of tea and I’ll get started on the rundown.

Free 8x10 Printable Art by Corinne Melanie "Shine Like the Stars" Quote Typography Printable

New Beginnings in 2017

There are some very exciting things coming up this year, starting with me participating in Febfast this February. For Febfast, I’m fasting from all processed foods for the entire month of February. That means only fruits, vegetables and wholefood ingredients to prepare my food with. Store-bought bread is out (which I absolutely love). And as we enter day five of my fast, I’ve invested in some good, wholegrain flour to make my own bread from scratch. Wish me luck!

Febfast goes to a fantastic cause. Proceeds provide support to young people living with drug and alcohol problems and other behavioral issues. Often, young people do not have access to the opportunities nor resources they require to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. The organisations supported by Febfast have specialist programs and health workers across the country to provide an important support service to these young people.

Aside from the obvious health benefits and fantastic contribution to charity, I’m excited about how this healthy lifestyle change will impact my work here at corinnemelanie.com. We’ve heard it all before, when people eat clean, their energy and focus increases. I’m hoping this happens for me so that I can deliver maximum output when working on a new art collection, while implementing some exciting updates to the blogging space here.

In addition to increased focus and clarity – I hope that this challenge will help me better appreciate good, nutritious foods, made from scratch. I’m just as passionate about food as I am about art, and this year I hope to show you inside my personal life just a little bit more. From here on in, this blog will be a celebration of art, creativity, good food and living slowly. I couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead! 

A Dedicated Posting Schedule

Do you every feel like you have too many creative ideas, to the point where it’s almost impossible to make progress on them, because you don’t know where to start? I found that the problem with me having too many creative projects in 2016 was that my time was spread so sparsely over everything I wanted to do, which resulted in, well, nothing much getting done at all. Now that I’ve decided to focus 100% on this website and blog, I can set up some time in my calendar every week to deliver top-notch, quality content and updates. From now on, you can expect one informative and interesting (and long) post, each and every Sunday.

Free Abstract Art Printable 2017

What to Expect this Year

Here’s the breakdown of what to expect from this blog this year:

60% Art, Creativity & Design: Majority of the blog will still be dedicated to art, creativity and design. This includes (but not limited to) art, design and DIY tutorials, beautiful things for the home, interior inspiration and new art updates. I’ll also throw in a little bit of WordPress and web design hints and tips, the business of being an artist, and E-Commerce & Etsy shop guidance.

30% Slow Living & Reducing Stress: Art is an incredible, cathartic activity for me that helps me pause from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind and embrace slow living. I’m passionate about sharing with others how art and creativity helps me reduce stress, and stay grounded.

10% Good Food, Wholefoods Cooked from Scratch: As I mentioned above, I love good food made from scratch as much as I love art, creativity and design. Occasionally I take a break from the canvas to spend a long day in the kitchen, baking, roasting and sous-vide-ing away. Periodically, I hope to share with you the recipes that bring me joy – mastering of which, is an art in itself.

Free Abstract Art Printable 2017

A Big Thank You

I hope you’ll get some real value out of the updated purpose of this blogging space and enjoy what lies ahead. I’m curious, do you ever struggle to decide what creative project you want to focus all of your energy on? If you’ve been here, and you knuckled down and picked one to focus on, how did you do it? I’m keen to hear any success stories!

As a final thank you for taking the time to read this, I’ve whipped up a free little 8×10 printable you can download and print right away. “Shine Like the Stars Printable” – Available here. This is my first free printable for 2017, so I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for many more.

Shine LIke the Stars - Free 8x10 Abstract Art Printable from corinnemelanie.com

  • Natalie
    Posted at 23:34h, 05 February Reply

    So excited to see what’s to come on your blog this year! Especially some of the food stuff.

    – Natalie

    • Corinne
      Posted at 12:56h, 06 February Reply

      Oh Natalie I’m so glad you’re looking forward to this! I was hoping no one would mind me throwing in a little bit of food love into my art blog 🙂

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