Interiors + Inspiration | Floor Sofas and Cubby Houses for Grown-ups
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Interiors and Inspiration: Floor Sofas and Cubbys for Grown-ups

Interiors and Inspiration: Floor Sofas and Cubbys for Grown-ups

Tonight my inner child is coming out to share some interior inspiration conjured from memories of sleepovers on mattresses in the living room, camping under the stars with blankets and fire to keep us warm, and cubby houses and canopies made from sheets and rugs and anything else we could get our hands on.

I’ve curated a collection of my favorite floor sofas and adult ‘cubby houses’ to celebrate the times when all that mattered was being cozy and having good company – and taking some time to remember, being cozy with good company, and taking a moment to gaze at the stars from time to time, is still pretty important.

Floor couches and adult cubby houses1. urban outfitters

Floor sofas2. sfgirlbybay

Adult cubby houses3. dwell

Adult cubby houses4. tersessenta

Floor Couches5. urban outfitters

Bohemian Living Room6. apartment therapy

Floor sofa7. coco lapine design

Cubby Houses for Grown-ups8. luv bridal

Moroccan Inspired Outdoors9. simple studios

Floor Sofas10. turbulences deco

Indoor plants11. pinterest

Cubby Houses for Grown Ups12. zevy joy

13. spell + the gypsy

Living room pouffs14. pinterest

Outdoor entertaining15. the grove byron bay

Interior Inspiration for the bedroom16. pinterest

Floor sofas17. architecture art designs

Cubby house for adults18. pinterest

Bedroom inspiration19. pinterest

Bedroom inspiration20. house of hipsters

Interiors with salt lamp21. inspire me naturally

Outdoor entertaining22. where to get it

Mexican lamp23. apartment therapy

Lounge room interiors24. home beautiful

Low sofas25. coco lapine design

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