A Series of Abstract Cloudscape Paintings | Corinne Melanie
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A Series of Abstract Cloudscape Paintings

A Series of Abstract Cloudscape Paintings

Yesterday was an incredible day. After a marathon few months of designing, creating, painting and varnishing my collection of cloudscape paintings were finally ready to be on display in their new home at Brick and Mortar Creative, for my very first solo exhibition!

I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to have my artworks on display at Brick and Mortar Creative. I’d always wanted to have a solo exhibition, but I was either never quite happy enough with my work, or, it just was never the right time. A little message on Instagram a few short months ago asking if I was interested, couldn’t have come at a better moment. I actually cried of happiness! I was so excited.

My journey of creating this collection of abstract cloudscape paintings began earlier this year, where my bright and colourful style evolved into something a little more muted and understated. I yearned for neutral, earthy colours that blended in with natural textures like timbers, stonework and plants. My yearning for creating these natural artworks, something with a sense of calm, was born out of my own world and the circumstances that I was presented with earlier this year. Among many things that were going on, I was notified that I would be made redundant from my day job in human resources due to the large corporation I was working for at the time, centralizing my role in a global location. Although I was excited about the possibilities that arose from this ‘forced push’, I wasn’t quite ready to change such a big part of my life. I guess you can never really be ready for such news.

This artwork was produced from my moment of chaos and uncertainty, and looking back at it all I feel like I’ve achieved the desired sense of calm I was seeking. Not only in the artwork I’ve created, but in myself too.┬áNo matter where you are on your walk of life, I hope you too can take a look at these pieces and find yourself in a moment of calm, and think “I thought it would rain”, but it didn’t. It was all okay in the end. We are all okay.

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  • J
    Posted at 01:21h, 05 October Reply

    Hi – I happened upon your cloud paintings and wanted to say how much I love them. They’re beautiful work. I like the glowing parts and your brilliant color choices. Thanks for doing what you love and sharing it with the art world.

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