Suprise + Delight your Guests with this Fig & Truffle Prosciutto Salad
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It’s Easter time! A few extra days off work is the perfect precursor to long, relaxed lunches with friends or family. I loved throwing together this salad of season-fresh figs, prosciutto, buttery olives, pistachios, pickled onions and sheep milk feta on a bed of rocket and mesclun lettuce. Not only do each of these ingredients combine together in a perfect contrast of flavours, I thought this plate photographed pretty well too!

The Fig and Prosciutto Salad Bounty

The plentiful bounty of fresh ingredients I used to pull together this fig and prosciutto salad were:

The Salad Bed: Organic rocket (about 4 cups) and mesclin lettuces (a few red leaves, ripped into smaller pieces)

South Australian fresh figs, cut into quarters

Green Olives, Sicilian, cut into quarters

Pistachios, kernels only, whole

Sheep Milk Feta, I used Bulgarian Sheep Milk cheese

Pickled Onions, sliced finely

Prosciutto, truffle infused, ripped into thin pieces

Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Balsamic Vinegar, to dress.

The Photography

I’ve invested in a new camera and I’m just so excited about what I can do with it! After doing lots of online research and reading reviews, I opted for the Olympus Pen E-PL8 and have also invested in the M.Zuiko 17mm f1.8 lens. These are literally the first few photos I’ve been able to take with the camera, and I’ve applied a Photoshop action to add the earthy feel to the photos.

I’m looking forward to getting much more practice in, taking a photography class, and getting some really good results!

Back to the Chocolate

I’ll keep this post short and sweet today because it’s the holidays! I hope you enjoy your Easter and if you get a chance to make this salad I recommend doing so slowly, savoring each of the flavours individually as you add them all in, one by one.

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