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“Printable Art” is a new way to choose and buy art for your home. It allows you to pick your artwork from your computer, buy the digital file direct from the artist, and then arrange to have the artwork printed (either yourself on your home printer) or better – have it printed to canvas by a local or online print shop.
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Corinne Melanie Art

Everything You Need to Know About Printable Art

“Printable Art” is a new way to choose and buy art for your home. It allows you to pick your artwork from your computer, buy the digital file direct from the artist, and then arrange to have the artwork printed (either yourself on your home printer) or better – have it printed to canvas by a local or online print shop. Because of the ever-evolving and quite incredible printing technology we have today – these prints can often look just like a real painting to the naked eye.

This is why I am a huge fan of printable art. It’s environmentally friendly because art prints are only produced in the exact size and shape the buyer wants, and it saves on costly shipping. Below I’m going to explain what printable art is, what the benefits to printable art are, and what you can do with the files once downloaded. If you are a home DIY lover, this article will be particularly handy to you!

What is Printable Art?

Printable art is either a free or purchased image file, most-commonly in JPG, PNG or PDF format, which you can save to your computer. You can then use this file for print as you please. For instant art – you can use your home printer and print yourself to pop into a frame. Or, for a more professional finish, you can arrange the art to be printed to fine art paper or onto mounted canvas by a local or online print shop.

In a nutshell, printable art is an instant, easy and affordable way to have a design printed and hung on your wall in a matter of minutes!

What to Look For: Look for images with high resolution – 300dpi is best.

What are the benefits of printable art?

1. Instant fulfilment: There’s no waiting for shipments! You can pick the art you’d like, and own the image file within a matter of seconds. You can then print the file immediately and pop in a frame – ready to be placed on your wall.

2. Flexibility: You can decide what size, substrate and quality of materials your artwork is printed with – resulting in the perfect art piece for your space.

3. Affordability: Often, because your art print does not need to be physically produced and shipped by the artist, it’s a cheaper and more economical way of getting your hands on new art.

4. Modern technology: Modern printing technology means that once you’ve obtained a high resolution, digital printable painting file, you can reproduce it to near original quality through a print shop. ‘Giclee’ printing is a term to keep an eye out for – which is one of the best painting reproduction technologies available. Your print will look like a real painting!

5. Environmentally Friendly: There’s no unnecessary production or printing and shipping is cut out entirely. This eases the pressure on earth’s resources, which is going to benefit the environment in the long run.

What can I do with my file?

This is the fun part! There’s so much you can do with a purchased digital art file, and below I’ve listed what I consider to be the best options.

1. Print yourself and pop into a frame: This is probably the most obvious – if you’ve got access to a home printer you can simply print the art yourself to your desired size, and then place into a frame. I find that most people opt for Ikea’s frames because they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles, at an affordable cost. For added effect, you can purchase canvas inkjet printing paper (such as this one) or for the discerning print-at-homer, Hahnemuehle offer inkjet fine art papers here. If you do increase the weight (or gsm, as it’s known) of your paper, be sure to follow the instructions on the pack to change your printer settings. Usually, the heavier the paper, the more ink required.

2. Online Print Options: There are numerous online printing options. To just name a few, Snapfish can offer framed art prints and canvas prints and Photobox can extend your creativity to mugs, phone-cases and throw pillows.

3. Local Print Shops: Just google photo or canvas printing and it will provide you with a list of options in your local area. Larger chains like K-Mart and Big-W offer photo printing within a day or two.

Before you enlarge your print, it’s important to understand how large you can blow up your digital file. In order to understand this you’ll need to calculate how many megapixels your image is by adding the pixel width and length of the image, and then use this chart to determine the largest print size based on quality.

What you can’t do with it

It’s important that we quickly talk about copyright. Once you download a printable file, it will usually be stated that your file is for personal use only. Therefore, outside of printing the image for yourself, you are unable to share, copy, resell or reproduce without the artists written consent.

I love to provide my customers and clients with printable art because of it’s affordability, and because it’s the quickest way I can provide my art to the buyer.

If you are ready to get started, you can explore the collection of printable works available here.

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