Being as Creative as Humanly Possible

Today was an interesting day. I feel like I’ve found a new gear.

I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve in the near future, including completely cleaning out and reorganizing my entire house, and I committed to exercising daily and doing yoga as much as I can. I committed to self-improvement, and to read a lot.

I went for a long walk along the beach with a friend and savored good conversation over coffee. I enjoyed it so much, hours felt like minutes.

I planned my entire new art collection’s design and colour scheme, and started putting together designs in Photoshop. I now have fourty clouds ready to paint. I thought perhaps I might have been a bit sick of painting clouds- but after a huge influx of inspiration, a surge of creativity and just a bit of planning, I’m now incredibly excited about what lies ahead. (I promise to not inundate you all with 40 new cloud paintings at once).

I downloaded ‘You Do You’ by Sarah Knight onto my Kobo, and can’t wait to take some straight talk about how to stand up for who I am and what I really want, need, and deserve– understand when it’s okay to be selfish, why it’s pointless to be perfect, and how to be “difficult” to use what I’ve got to get what I want.

I listened to ‘Violence Broken’ by No Mono. I loved it. I can’t find the lyrics online yet so I tried to jot them down for myself.

I had a meat pie for dinner. It was delicious.

I committed to not eating meat pies every night for dinner. I then tried to not beat myself up about it too much by saying to myself, “Corinne, you deserve a treat from time-to-time”.

In summary, the start of a new year has a funny way of bringing about reflection and sprouting new goals and dreams. For me, I think this year is going to be about getting my shit together. Being as creative as humanly possible. Working hard in every aspect of my life, including painting a fudgeload of clouds. Reading more and working on improving myself. Savouring the great moments- those great friendships, wonderful conversations, a beautiful song, or that delicious treat.

None of us can possibly predict what lies ahead – so I’m simply going to work as hard as I can and enjoy the journey.

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