Corinne is an emerging artist specialising in captivating cloud paintings, mesmirizing abstract works and custom commissioned pieces.

Since opening a humble little Etsy store late 2014, Corinne’s artwork has been featured across the web and in various print medias, along with gracing the walls of private collections and public establishments worldwide. Since releasing her second collection of cloud paintings, Corinne collectively has over 5k engaged followers across her blog and social media. 

“Intrepide. This beautiful Latin word quite literally translates into Fearless – the inspiration for my latest collection of artwork.”

First of all, I want to express how grateful I am that you’ve stopped by this website to read this. We all only have such limited free time in our days; I’m honored you’ve chosen to use your time to stop here, take a look at what I have to share and read about what inspires me and my art.

I can’t exactly explain why I paint, or why I feel the compulsion to constantly put words to paper in this blog. Painting and creating is just something that I’ve always done, and will most likely always do. My cloud paintings symbolise that although we live in a sometimes dark world filled with grief, complexities and hardships – the world is inherently a beautiful place. Despite our challenges as humans, just around the corner there is always something wonderful waiting. Like a storm ripping through, fast and when we don’t expect, drenching us with it’s rains, chilling us to our bones- it cleanses and washes us clean, and the sun eventually comes out to show itself. We might have thought it was always going to be dark, but, the sun always shines again. I think life is a lot like this, and although clouds bring us storms they also bring us an incredible sense of peace and calm.

Just like I hope to share wonderful things via this blog and through my art- and I hope to leave the world just a slightly better place than what I found it, I too hope you can find something wonderful here.

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