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Shop visually stunning fine art paintings, prints and printable pieces to adorn your walls. Stop by the blog to pick up free art + DIY advice.
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I’m Corinne, painter of abstract skies and celestial constellations.

Welcome to my world of art & colour.


interior with brown sofa. 3d illustration


Original paintings, fine art prints and print-at-home pieces to adorn your walls.

No.5 Preview


Have a bespoke piece of artwork made just for you and your home.

Interior modern design room with sea view 3D rendering


Explore past works, collections and sold out pieces.

The blog

The Blog

Take some time out to meander through my creative ramblings, and pick up a free download or two.

Endless Wonder

In my artwork I hope to show all the wonder, beauty and complexity of life. This is why I find myself painting abstracts of colourful skies, infinite stars and endless galaxies. Every inch of our beings yearn to discover, to grow, to pursue the unknown – a message forming the undertone of each piece of art I create.

Recent Work


Want a first look at new paintings before they go on sale, creative updates and free artwork downloads?

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